Record Exodus out of Melbourne Mid-Coronavirus Pandemic

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More than 25,000 people fled Melbourne ahead of the Victorian capital's second coronavirus wave whilst QUEENSLAND saw a NET GAIN OF 6800 (up from 5400 in the same period in 2019).

Greater Brisbane INCREASED BY 3200 residents, up from 1900 increase in the March Quarter.

Melburnians fled the city and moved across state lines in record numbers at the first height of the coronavirus pandemic, with the Victorian capital grappling with its biggest quarterly loss of residents.

Greater Melbourne recorded a net loss of 8000 people in the June quarter, compared with 2200 in the three months before, Australian Bureau of Statistics data released on Monday morning shows. It was the biggest quarterly loss since records began. The data looks at internal migration and does not count international travel, which has also been severely restricted due to the pandemic.

Of those who moved in the three months to June, 5900 people went elsewhere in Victoria, compared to 3000 for the quarter before, and the rest headed interstate.

Across all of Victoria there was a drop of 3000 people over the same period. In the March quarter there was a net gain of 600 residents, compared to an increase of 2400 at the same time last year...